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How to Meet Your Loved Ones in the AfterLife Part 2

This podcast, Part 2 teaches you exactly how to move in between worlds – so that you too can Meet Your Loved Ones in the AfterLife. These same skills and understandings are helpful in all life experiences whether they be “physical” or “spiritual”.

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There are ways to meet your loved ones in the “afterlife” even while you still live. Part 1 of this podcast simply outlines “what” it is you can do to move in to and out of the realm of souls to meet with those dear to you who have passed on. You can listen to that intro with the following link if you wish.

3 Ways to Meet With Your Loved Ones in the AfterLife

1. Am I Dreaming? The Lucid Ingredient

2. SuperHuman Practice Meditation
a. Imagine flying
b. Imagine using telekinesis and / or psychokinesis

3. Listen to DemiPhase audios such as “Enter the Realm of Souls