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Extreme Lucid Dreaming, Astral Projection & Telekinesis Accelerator

Have you ever wanted to lucid dream or have an out of body experience? What about developing telekinesis? The following 3 steps are sure to be an extreme lucid-dreaming, astral-projection, and telekinesis accelerator.

Listen and learn how to put these techniques into practice to help you accelerate your ability to explore your reality beyond the barriers of the physical world.

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1. Am I Dreaming? The Lucid Ingredient

2. SuperHuman Practice Meditation
a. Imagine flying
b. Imagine using telekinesis and / or psychokinesis

3. Listen to DemiPhase audios such as
“DownPour Phaser”, or

“Enter the Realm of Souls”

Learn more about Developing Telekinesis from these experiments