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Extreme Astral Projection, Deep Sleep, Lucid Dream, Brain Wave Stimulator With Thunder and Rain

गर्जन फूल (Garjana Phūla)

Open the portal into the realm of lucid-dreams with the crack of powerful, sky-splintering thunder. (recorded during a thunderstorm in Hangzhou, China on 2021-April 4th)

When the initial shockwave of the booming thunderclap passes, you will be soothed by a gentle rain. At one moment the rain builds up to a more heavy shower and then recedes into calm once again. A special, “Angelic” frequency formula hauntingly resonates in perfect harmony with the gentle rain.

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You may hear a faint rumbling of thunder in the distance if you listen closely, and then BOOM, you are hit with the same ferocious thunder-crack once again just before the end. But don’t worry if you’ve already fallen asleep. It has been tested through many nights of sleep, and you may never even notice the second, sonic explosion.

Instead, this ambient sound design will help you fall deeply asleep and stay asleep as long as you want. This vibrational fusion can be used for studying, focus, concentration, relaxation and meditation.

In addition, this formula can assist you to:
1. Have better dream recall.
2. Have lucid or enhanced dreams.
3. Have out of body experiences.
4. Project your astral body.
5. Remote view
6. Get really great sleep.

*** You will best experience the benefits of these audios by listening with stereo speakers placed to the left and right of your head, with surround sound, or stereo headphones. Even if you don’t have these options, the pure, naked tones, notes, vibrations and rhythms will provide a relaxing and meditative atmosphere for you to feel energized, calm and revitalized.

Each track is designed to be put on loop to extend the time as much as you like without disturbance, or combined with any of the other DemiPhase℠ tracks for a complete, healing, meditation adventure.