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Remote Viewing Through Space-Time: Astral Projection, Time Travel, Lucid Dreaming

Take a journey through space and time from anywhere in the world by harmonizing your thought frequencies and projecting your awareness to any location in the universe, past, present, or future.

Use this ability to observe distant locations to learn about the people and things that are there now, were there in the past, or will be in the future. I recently used it to visit my beloved Flor while we were playing in Disneyworld 2017.

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Listen to “Remote Viewing Through Space-Time: Astral Projection, Time Travel, Lucid Dreaming” on Spreaker.

For best results use the Balance Protocol (BAL) Breathe. Affirm. Listen.

Before you begin the Balance Protocol described below, you should choose a place and time that you want to visit and observe, or a specific person. Once you start having the remote viewing experience and get closer to mastery, you can even locate missing or hidden people and objects.

In addition, it must be noted that these experiences may or may not happen immediately during your first attempt. As with all DemiPhase audios, keep in mind the idea of incremental change. This is called SWITCH in HypnoAthletics – Sound Wave Incremental Thought Change Hypnosis. (sometimes the S is for Sine or Second).

So listen once or more every day using the Balance Protocol until you begin experiencing the results you desire. This audio can also simply be used to help you meditate, relax, sleep, or be used as the background for hypnosis and self hypnosis sessions.

Instructions for using the Balance Protocol with this Remote Viewing DemiPhase Sound Design.

1. Find a comfortable space where you can be relaxed, undisturbed, and can dim or darken the space you are in.
2. Cue up this track and use earbuds, headphones, or speakers placed on either side of your head to benefit from the stereo experience. Play the track and adjust the volume.
3. Breathe in and out 12 times. After each exhale, count the number of the breathe out loud or silently to yourself.
4. Speak the affirmation “Remote Viewing Through Space-Time” 3 times, and count the number of each spoken affirmation.
5. Play the audio and listen to at least 9 minutes or all 33 minutes. This step can be started before you breathe and affirm, it is not necessary to wait until last.