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Remote-Viewing, Time-Travel, Astral-Projection, Lucid-Dreaming Super-Accelerator 1,000 X Boost

Name: DemiPhase 11.1

Explore the far reaches of your inner worlds or dreams, and allow it to guide you through the eternal realms of this Universe; beyond to other realities, and dimensions.

This is a Universal frequency for temporarily and safely liberating yourself from your physical body. It may assist with Out of Body Experiences, Astral-Projection, Remote-Viewing, Remote Influencing, Lucid-Dreaming, Connecting With Other Intelligences and a multitude of other things.

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Be sure to use headphones or earbuds, lay back and relax, set an intention for an experience or just allow the sounds and frequencies to set you free from this transient, realm of existence and into the ETERNITY of the REAL LIFE.

The tones in this DemiPhase Frequency Formula stimulate a 3.7-Hz, Delta Brain-Wave auditory hallucination for a Universal, DemiCerebral NeuroPhasing experience.
Also embedded are 7.4-Hz (Theta) and 11.1-Hz (Alpha) Brain-Wave stimulating binaural beats.